In the hours and days following the Sendai Earthquake, many of us obviously felt concerned for the future of Japan. Even many Japanese felt helpless at the feet of mother nature.

Fortunately, the Japanese have already rallied in touching and amazing ways. Within days, music started emerging. I’ll try to keep JamieHD updated with whatever I can find. Everything on this page was written or recorded in the past three weeks. Some of these are but days old.

We’ll have more on these on this weekend’s Beasts from the East.

-Mukai Shutoku has been called by some, the most influential rocker of the past 20 years in Japan. He’s behind such bands as Number Girl, and currently Zazen Boys. His was one of the first works to hit YouTube after the quake:

-Masafumi Gotoh, vocalist and guitarist for ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION wrote and recorded a song on his bed one night with just a guitar and a casio keyboard. The radio station agreed to air it even before hearing the full and complete piece. It’s called “On the Sand”:

-Yoko Kanno, one of anime’s “most reliable composers”, wrote and sang a song for an effort to help boost the morale of earthquake victims: The Safe and Sound Project:

-Hyuuga Hidekazu (or Hinatch to his fans and on Twitter) is one of the most capable bassists of Japanese rock, playing in a myriad of bands, including STRAIGHTENER and Nothing’s Carved in Stone. Hinatch spurred efforts to start a project called “Project 20110322″. The group features rotating artists from many popular bands in Japan. The group’s first live was an impromto cover performance in the park, collecting donations for earthquake victims:

By the way, the above performance was streamed live with little notice on Ustream. Hinatch has made efforts to livestream all of the groups performances so everyone in Japan and around the world can enjoy.

The group also held a live performance night at Shinjuku Loft with many of the involved performers and a special jam session at the end. We’ll have that this weekend on Beasts.

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